The Nurse Practitioner FAQ

The NP FAQ provides answers to the questions that prospective nurse practitioners ask most commonly. Everything from requirements to become an nurse practitioner, to the scope of practice for the different NP specializations, to how a nurse practitioner’s role and responsibilities differ from those of nurse anesthetists, physician assistants and other advanced health and nursing careers. Over time, additional questions and question sets will be added to the FAQ, to provide detailed information about numerous NP specializations, and to respond to developments and changes in the educational and occupational landscape for nurse practitioners.

Nurse Practitioner Education & Career FAQ

Understand requirements and steps to become a nurse practitioner, what one might expect in the role, and how the role is typically compensated. Follow educational and occupational developments to understand how they might impact your NP preparations.

Specializations FAQ

Research nurse practitioner subspecialties to understand how preparations, responsibilities, and compensation may differ from one subspecialty to another.

Nurse Practitioner Versus

Compare the nurse practitioner career to related healthcare careers, in the tradition of MTV’s “Celebrity Deathmatch” except more informative, not as gory and mostly without celebrities.

Advanced Nursing Education & Career FAQ

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Discover NP Careers

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What Is a Clinical Nurse Specialist?

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