Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

Who We Are

NursePractitionersSchools is a comprehensive online resource for aspiring nurse practitioners (NPs) seeking a college education. Our free guides and rankings cover a wide range of topics for nursing students, such as courses and concentrations, tuition and fees, and financial aid opportunities. We also offer in-depth profiles of the NP occupation that include salary expectations, licensure requirements, and job availability.

We are committed to editorial independence and transparency. Today’s students require accurate, unbiased information to make important educational and professional decisions. Our fact-finders curate data from reliable sources, which allows us to make recommendations to students based on their financial circumstances, career goals, and other individual factors.

How We Make Money

NursePractitionerSchools earns revenue by recommending certain schools and NP programs. We may receive financial compensation from these degree providers whenever a site visitor uses our program search tool or interacts with advertisements on our site.

To avoid confusion, we clearly label every advertisement as an “ad” or “advertisement disclosure.” This helps readers differentiate the ads from our unbiased editorial content. Furthermore, we rely on a complex ranking methodology to generate our guides and lists. This system ensures advertising agreements with schools never influence the informative content on our site.

How We Maintain Editorial Independence

Our writers and editors evaluate each college and university based on dozens of factors, including admission and graduation rates, cost of attendance, course and concentration availability, and average course size. These assessments result in an overall score for every school, which we then use to determine the order of our ranking pages.

NursePractitionerSchools contributors only gather information from reliable, reputable sources. Our most commonly cited sources include the National Center for Education Statistics, the Common Data Set Initiative, and Peterson’s. In addition to strict guidelines for source material, we abide by the following editorial standards:

Advertising agreements never influence our editorial content — period.

Schools never receive preferential treatment for any reason. Every school earns its ranking based on an overall score from our comprehensive evaluation system.

We value editorial independence and transparency. For this reason, we continually evaluate the content on our site for accuracy, recency, and bias. We expect all of our writers, editors, and fact-finders to meet the highest standards of journalistic excellence and integrity.

As an added quality assurance measure, we only profile colleges and universities with full and current accreditation at the regional or national level.

To learn more about NursePractitionersSchools, please visit our FAQ page.

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