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From our “day in the life” series, intended to give you a feel for what it’s like to walk in the shoes of several different working nurse practitioners, to our student resource guides and professor profiles, intended to provide that little bit of extra information you need to guide your educational decision-making, this blog provides content focused on your nurse practitioner schooling and success.

The Looming Primary Care Provider Shortage in the South
25 October 2018

As a shortage of primary care providers looms on our collective horizon, lack of access to primary care has the potential to get much worse. And, unfortunately, the South is going to be the most heavily impacted.

From Medicine to Microsoft: The Journey of One Nurse Practitioner
24 October 2018

As it turns out, being a psychiatric nurse practitioner prepares you very well for being a user researcher. Dr. DeCapua shares that psychiatric evaluations teach you how to quickly build rapport with users and more deeply understand their motivations and unmet needs.

Why Aren’t There More Male NPs?
young-male-nurse-with-copy-space-picture-id912621538 (4)-min
12 October 2018

Nursing has always been a female-driven profession, and male nurses are often the butt of jokes on television and in movies, from Meet the Parents to Friends. That said, the gender roles are softening and there has been a recent upswing in the number of men joining this high-growth career field.

The Looming Primary Care Provider Shortage in the Northeast
08 October 2018

Primary care is vital to a healthy, thriving population, and essential to a healthcare system that hopes to deliver efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality care to all. The Commonwealth Fund ranks the United States healthcare system last out of those of ten other high-income countries in the world.

NPs to Admire: 10 Role Models Improving the Lives of Vulnerable Populations
Josephine Ensign
26 September 2018

Nurse practitioners play an important role in healthcare. These licensed clinicians have furthered their education and skills to provide specialized care to their patients. Some nurse practitioners have a particular interest in working with vulnerable populations and have gone above and beyond to serve these groups.

Missouri Nurse Practitioners: The Fight for Full Practice Authority
Christopher Hemmer
22 August 2018

Nurse practitioners such as Dr. Hemmer are justifiably frustrated with the practice conditions within Missouri. It’s no surprise that many NPs finishing their studies choose to practice in other states where it’s easier (and more lucrative) to go into business as a relatively independent healthcare provider.

The Lack of Diversity in Advanced Nursing
10 August 2018

Diversity in healthcare can improve equity, and equity in healthcare ensures that practitioners are offering compassionate, culturally competent care in a timely fashion to those who need it most. The problem is that the APRN workforce does not reflect the growing diversity of the population of the United States.

A Day in the Life of a Rural Nurse Practitioner
11 July 2018

Currently, only about 20 percent of physicians working in rural areas are under 40 years old, and 30 percent are rapidly approaching (or have already passed) retirement age. Due to an aging population and a lack of experienced and trained professionals, there is increasing demand for healthcare professionals in rural areas, leading to a significant opportunity for nurse practitioners to pick up the slack.

Which States Have the Highest Demand for Nurse Practitioners?
10 July 2018

A nationwide increase in demand for nurse practitioners (NPs) lies at the nexus of an aging population, an increase in team-based primary care delivery, and an impending shortage of primary care physicians.

Important Advances in Nursing Science
nursing science
14 June 2018

Nursing science is the application of hard sciences with a compassionate aim, and its innovations improve both patient wellbeing and caregiver response. As further advancements in medical care complicate the healthcare sector, nursing science is driving best practices in patient care within the entire ecosystem of the industry.