List of National, International & State Nurse Practitioner Associations

Becoming a nurse practitioner (NP) is a noble, challenging, and exciting journey. Acceptance into NP school is competitive, passing the rigorous science courses is exhausting, and acing the patient simulations is demanding. Upon graduation, NPs face complex problems, difficult patients, ever-expanding amounts of medical knowledge, and unjust legislation preventing them from providing care. This job isn’t just for anybody, it’s for the best.

Last year, over 15,000 NP students graduated and joined this elite group of healthcare professionals. As an NP, you have the opportunity to join national, international, and state organizations that support your professional journey and fight for your rights at the capitol. This post offers a comprehensive list of these organizations. Joining and contributing to these organizations is the responsibility of every NP student and professional.

While every nurse practitioner organization varies in their offerings, most provide members access to continuing education, annual conferences, local networking events, job listings, email newsletters, and up-to-date professional information. The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), for example, a library of continuing education called CE Center. This collection contains over 100 different activities in a variety of formats including test-based articles, case studies, voice-over presentations, and videos.

Some organizations, like the AANP, publish an academic journal and award it’s most distinguished members with fellow status. Becoming a fellow of the AANP (FAANP) is a significant professional achievement. The AANP also maintains an active political action committee (PAC) that supports legislative efforts at the state and national level. Contributing to the PAC is essential in passing laws that support the nurse practitioner role in modern healthcare.

National Organizations

The national organization for all NPs in the United States is the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). The AANP formed in 2013 with the merging of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (founded in 1985) and the American College of Nurse Practitioners (founded in 1995). The AANP serves as a unifying voice for all 222,000 NPs lead by their vision, “High-quality healthcare for all by the patient’s provider of choice.”

National NP organizations include:

International Organizations

As NPs have begun providing care globally, various international organizations have developed. Today, approximately 70 countries across the world have established nurse practitioner roles in their healthcare systems.

The International Council of Nurse Practitioners was established in 1992 when the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (then called the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners) and a group of nurse practitioners from the UK met in Colorado to figure out a way to improve communication and collaboration among NPs across the world.

This global network of nurse practitioners is growing rapidly today, and they share the unified vision of supporting countries who are introducing the NP role into practice and providing relevant information to policy makers about the quality of care provided by NPs.

International NP organizations include:

If we missed one, please contact us and let us know.

State Organizations

And, don’t forget about the awesome state organizations. These groups usually host their own conferences and support local legislative efforts that promote the nurse practitioner profession. If we missed one, please contact us and let us know.

AlabamaCentral Alabama Nurse Practitioner AssociationNorth Alabama Nurse Practitioner Association
AlaskaAlaska Nurse Practitioner Association
ArizonaArizona Nurse Practitioner Council
ArkansasArkansas Advanced Practice Nurse Council
CaliforniaCalifornia Association of Nurse Practitioners
ColoradoColorado Society of Advanced Practice Nurses
ConnecticutConnecticut Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Society
DelawareThe APN Council of Delaware
District of ColumbiaNurse Practitioner Association of DC
GeorgiaUnited Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia
HawaiiHawaii Association of Professional Nurses
IdahoNurse Practitioners of Idaho
IllinoisIllinois Society for Advanced Practice Nurses
IndianaCoalition of Advanced Practice Nurses of Indiana
IowaIowa Nurse Practitioner Society
KansasKansas State Nurses Association, APRN Task Force
KentuckyKentucky Coalition of Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives
LouisianaLouisiana Association of NPs
MaineMaine Nurse Practitioner Association
MarylandNurse Practitioner Association of Maryland
MichiganMichigan Council of Nurse Practitioners
MinnesotaMinnesota Nurse Practitioners
MississippiMississippi Nurses Association
MissouriMissouri Nurses Association
MontanaMontana Nurses Association
NebraskaNebraska Nurse Practitioners
NevadaNevada Nurses Association
New JerseyNew Jersey Nurses Association Forum of Nurses in Advanced Practice
New YorkThe Nurse Practitioner Association New York State
North CarolinaNorth Carolina Council of Nurse Practitioners
North DakotaNorth Dakota Nurses Association
OhioOhio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses
OklahomaOklahoma Nurse Practitioners
OregonNurse Practitioners of Oregon
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners
Rhode IslandRhode Island Nurse Practitioner Council
South CarolinaSouth Carolina Nurses Association APRN Chapter
South DakotaNurse Practitioner Association of South Dakota
TennesseeTennessee Nurses Association Advanced Practice Council
TexasTexas Nurse Practitioners
UtahUtah Nurse Practitioners Inc.
VermontVermont Nurse Practitioners Association
VirginiaVirginia Council of Nurse Practitioners
WashingtonARNPs United of Washington StatePuget Sound Nurse Practitioner AssociationAssociation of Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses
West VirginiaAdvanced Practice Council of West Virginia
WisconsinAPN Forum of the Wisconsin Nurses Association
WyomingWyoming Nurses Association
Dr. Melissa DeCapua, DNP, PMHNP-BC

Dr. Melissa DeCapua, DNP, PMHNP-BC


Melissa DeCapua is a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner who graduated from Vanderbilt University. She has a background in child and adolescent psychiatry as well as psychosomatic medicine. Uniquely, she also possesses a bachelor’s degree in studio arts, which she uses to enhance patient care, promote the nursing profession, and solve complex problems. Melissa currently works as the Healthcare Strategist at a Seattle-based health information technology company where she guides product development by combining her clinical background and creative thinking. She is a strong advocate for empowering nurses, and she fiercely believes that nurses should play a pivotal role in shaping modern health care. For more about Melissa, check out her blog and follow her on Twitter @melissadecapua.

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