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From our "day in the life" series, intended to give you a feel for what it's like to walk in the shoes of several different working nurse practitioners, to our student resource guides and professor profiles, intended to provide that little bit of extra information you need to guide your educational decision-making, this blog provides content focused on your nurse practitioner schooling and success.

Interview with Dr. Lisa Chappell, Associate Dean of Family Nursing at FNU
05 January 2016

Dr. Chappell, Associate Dean of Family Nursing at Frontier Nursing University, discusses FNU’s online family nurse practitioner programs.

Interview: Dr. Tonya Nicholson
23 December 2015

Learn about the history, success, and future of Frontier Nursing University's online nurse-midwifery programs from Dr. Tonya Richardson, FNU's Associate Dean of Midwifery and Women's Health.

5 Reasons to Become a Nurse Practitioner
10 November 2015

Across the United States, this week is National Nurse Practitioner Week, and there are many reasons why someone might want to become a nurse practitioner: from the intellectual challenge to the ability to save lives. This post outlines five reasons why you might want to pursue a rewarding career as a nurse practitioner.

Nurse Practitioner School Interview Guide
08 October 2015

Incredibly selective, nurse practitioner schools only have a limited number of open spots. An interview provides the opportunity to stand out from a large pool of highly-skilled applicants. While this type of interview closely resembles a job interview, there are a few unique nuances.

20 Outstanding Professors of Women's Health Nursing
13 July 2015

From the intricacies of the female reproductive cycle, the physical stresses of childbirth and pregnancy, and the menopausal process, women's health nursing requires in-depth specified knowledge of such a large scope. Here are 20 women's health nursing professors who are helping to define the WHNP specialization, and teach the next generation of nurse practitioners to carry it forward.

Interview with Phyllis Kupsick, President of the WOCN® Society™
29 June 2015

Phyllis Kupsick, President of the WOCN® Society™, discusses how published WOCN guidelines might lead to improved care, especially once understood and applied by skilled nurse practitioners. Kupsick also discusses WOC certification, WOC continuing education for advanced nurses, and the relatively long history of the WOCN Society.

20 Top Professors of Nurse Anesthesia
09 June 2015

For those interested in a career as a CRNA, it is important to get the kind of training that will prepare you for the critical role of nurse anesthetist. Learning from one or more of these 20 top professionals in the field can help put your career in anesthesia on the right track.

Day in the Life of a Travel Nurse Practitioner
20 May 2015

Being a nurse practitioner can be a challenging profession. By traveling, nurse practitioners can assume short-term assignments, each in a different area of specialization, thereby testing the NP waters. Ultimately, this can expose the nurse to different populations and specializations, as well as different geographies, ultimately allowing him or her to select a specialization based on that experience, or to continue to travel as a career. Learn what it takes, and what it's like, to be a travel nurse practitioner.

25 Great Nurse Practitioner Blogs
22 April 2015

Nurse practitioners come in all shapes, sizes, and specialties. These 25 bloggers have created wonderful ways for nursing students and professionals to see the day-to-day responsibilities, heartaches, and successes of a nurse practitioner.

31 Top Mobile Apps for Nurse Practitioners
21 March 2015

Struggling to find the best medical apps? This blog post elucidates 31 of the highest quality tablet and smart phone apps that any nurse practitioner will find helpful in implementing best practice and improving patient outcomes.

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