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From our "day in the life" series, intended to give you a feel for what it's like to walk in the shoes of several different working nurse practitioners, to our student resource guides and professor profiles, intended to provide that little bit of extra information you need to guide your educational decision-making, this blog provides content focused on your nurse practitioner schooling and success.

PTSD: A Primer for Nurse Practitioners
26 August 2016

An introduction to PTSD for nurse practitioners and nursing students by psychiatric NP, Dr. Melissa DeCapua.

Nurse Practitioner Requirements
22 July 2016

There are many pathways to become a nurse practitioner, for nurses and non-nurses alike. Learn about the nurse practitioner program requirements for each pathway, as well as recertification requirements for current nurse practitioners who wish to continue practicing in a particular specialty area.

List of National, International & State Nurse Practitioner Associations
20 July 2016

Last year, over 15,000 nurse practitioner (NP) students graduated and joined this elite group of healthcare professionals. As an NP, you have the opportunity to join national, international, and state organizations that support your professional journey and fight for your rights at the capitol. This post offers a comprehensive list of these organizations. Joining and contributing to these organizations is the responsibility of every NP student and professional.

Day in the Life of a Nurse Practitioner Student
01 July 2016

See what it is really like to be an NP student in this fun, visual walkthrough of psychiatric nurse practitioner school, from Dr. Melissa DeCapua.

Day in the Life of an OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner (OGNP)
24 June 2016

Learn about the rewards, challenges, and day-to-day activities of an OB/GYN nurse practitioner (OGNP) and get an inside perspective from a working NP.

Day in the Life of a Holistic Nurse Practitioner
11 May 2016

Learn about holistic nurse practitioner education, specialization, and the day to day demands of incorporating alternative modalities into practice.

Guide to Evidence-Based Nursing Practice for NPs
28 March 2016

Every year, nurse practitioners provide health care for millions of individuals across the world. We use our expert knowledge to cure the sick. But where does this knowledge come from, and how do we know that it is right? The answer to that question lies in the realm of evidence-based practic informed by nursing science, epistemology, and philosophy.

How to Write the Perfect Nurse Practitioner School Personal Statement
23 March 2016

The personal statement is one of the most important parts of your nurse practitioner school application. In this post, Dr. Melissa DeCapua, a nurse practitioner and DNP graduate, explains how to write a successful essay. From building an outline to addressing your “red flags,” this article offers a comprehensive guide to crafting a perfect personal statement.

Day in the Life of a Consultation-Liaison PMHNP
08 March 2016

Working as a consultation-liaison psychiatric nurse practitioner was by far the most dynamic and challenging clinical job I have ever held. I treated conditions I thought I would only ever read about. I faced some of the darkest, strangest, most peculiar moments of my career. Through this post, I would like to introduce you to the field of psychosomatic medicine, and compel even the only slightly curious to seek out this unique and rewarding psychiatric subspecialty.

21 Trends for Nurse Practitioners to Monitor in 2016
11 January 2016

In 2016, healthcare providers are on the frontlines of immense innovation and growth. Nurse practitioners welcome great change in the form of skyrocketing salaries and increased autonomy. Healthcare reform, while still in its infancy, is turning arcane delivery philosophies into unprecedented care models that improve outcomes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. The health technology industry, now worth billions of dollars, continues to develop ever-shocking inventions that were in the realm of science fiction only a few years ago.

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