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From our “day in the life” series, intended to give you a feel for what it’s like to walk in the shoes of several different working nurse practitioners, to our student resource guides and professor profiles, intended to provide that little bit of extra information you need to guide your educational decision-making, this blog provides content focused on your nurse practitioner schooling and success.

Heroism in Nursing Practice: Spotlight on Neonatal NPs
Dr. Staebler (256x256)
21 June 2017

The existence of “full practice authority”—i.e., the ability of NPs to work to the utmost extent of their education and credentialing, especially as it relates to prescriptive abilities and professional independence—varies widely by region.

Texas Nurse Practitioners: The Fight for Full Practice Authority
06 June 2017

One of the most contentious issues in healthcare today is the fight for full practice authority among nurse practitioners. NPs in Texas and beyond are trained to work as independent healthcare professionals, but they’re legally restrained from working to the utmost extent of their education and training.

Heroism in Nursing Practice: Women’s Health NPs
15 May 2017

Women’s health nurse practitioners play an invaluable role in offering holistic, comprehensive, and culturally competent health services across the U.S. One of the most contentious issues in the advanced practice nursing community is whether or not a practitioner should be authorized to work to the full extent of his or her education and training.

California Nurse Practitioners: The Fight for Full Practice Authority
10 May 2017

One of the most contentious issues in healthcare today is whether nurse practitioners should be granted full practice authority (FPA). NPs’ ability to provide services in accordance with their level of training and certification isn’t equally guaranteed across American states.

20 Most Affordable Online Family NP Programs
Stethoscope on US Paper Currency isolated on white
14 April 2017

Many people associate a graduate degree with high tuition and fees. In reality, a handful of online family NP programs do exist that offer high-quality education at an affordable cost.

Heroism in Nursing Practice: Spotlight on Adult-Gerontology and Acute Care NPs
Diverse Medical Personnel Closeup, Isolated on White
12 April 2017

Despite the abundant evidence that NPs provide safe, high-quality, and cost-effective healthcare, they’re still unable to practice to the full extent of their graduate education and clinical training in many states.

Heroism in Nursing Practice: PNP Heroes
22 March 2017

In three exclusive interviews, this piece celebrates the invaluable contributions of PNPs across the country and advances the case for granting full practice authority nationwide. NP practice authority still varies widely among states.

Heroism in Nursing Practice: PMHNP Heroes
17 February 2017

PMHNPs offer a holistic approach to illness, paying thought to both physical and mental health considerations; diagnosing psychiatric problems and illnesses; prescribing medications; offering counseling and therapy; developing multi-pronged treatment plans; coordinating care between varied healthcare professionals; and educating patients and families on psychiatric conditions. Despite mounting evidence that NPs provide safe, cost-effective healthcare, there has still been significant opposition—particularly from physician groups—against expanding “full practice authority” to NPs across the country.

Michigan Nurse Practitioners: The Fight for Full Practice Authority
02 February 2017

While Michigan NPs still need physician oversight to prescribe schedule 2-5 controlled substances and cannot sign death certificates or workers’ compensation claims, there has been one recent legislative victory to expand their ability to practice: MI HB 5400. This bill was signed by governor Rick Snyder in January 2017, and it allows NPs to prescribe nonscheduled drugs, as well as to dispense complimentary starter doses of qualifying pharmaceuticals; go on hospital rounds; perform independent house calls; and order physical or speech therapy without a collaborating physician.

2017 Nurse Practitioner Conferences
12 January 2017

With conference season right around the corner, nurse practitioners should start planning which events they are going to attend this year. The American Association of Nurse Practitioners is hosting three empowering conferences, and each specialty organization will bring together their experts to discuss the latest innovations in their field. Every conference promises to be filled with excitement.